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Nalukettu Builders is a leading construction company also contracting company in kannur, Kerala. Our experienced contractors, architects, will provide a professional services in building industry like contracting, architectural designs and consulting services. Our architects can help you to create modern and traditional home plans include interior and exterior designs just like you expected interior and exterior ideas. We have a leading role in engineering and construction services. We will do all engineering and construction work for building constructions.

Nalukettu builders also a contracting company, our talented architects and contractors can help you to build your dream home/flat/ villa within low budget. The Contractors are experienced and talented will do careful planning, proper coordination and maintaining etc. Our experienced contractor complete your work in timely and effective manner. The work experience and the talent of architects and contractors is very important because they have the leading role in the work. The project completion time and cost. Our contractors will do the whole construction process trustly.

List of services we provide includes
  •   Construction

  •   Infrastructure Development

  •   Planning

  •   Architectural Designing

  •   Interior Décor, Home Décor

  •   Exterior Decor

  •   Structural Designing

  •   Landscape Designing

  •   3D estimation

  •   Consulting

  •   Project Management

  •   MEP Consultant

  •   Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance

Architects also do interior design like modern interior bedroom designs, modern kitchen designs, living room interior designs, dining room interior designs, modern bathroom interior designs and exterior designs like outdoor living designs, gardening designs, stairs designs, entrance and gate designs, roof designs, tiles and car porch designs swimming pool designs etc. we will create your dream home in 3d view and you can see the interior and exterior part of your home in 3d view. You can see the exact model of the project before its initiation with home 3d view.

Nalukettu builders service after a wide spectrum of Engineering, Civil Construction, Contracting and Designing service in cooperating the latest technology and trends in the field.

Pre construction services
Construction Management
General Contracting

Nalukettu builders serves under the wide spectrum of Engineering, Civil construction, contracting and designing blended well with the latest technology.

Site works
Project Partner

We believe that the quality of our services will be our a reputation that would last for a lifetime!